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Wayfinding & Engagement



Orientation to, and identification of “place” is a much more important service in today’s competitive destination marketplace. “Feeling good and proud” of one’s place is a very worthwhile endeavour for residents and business operators. How we chose to engage visitors is another (related) matter. Gateway markers and associated signage are most effective when they offer uncommitted visitors and guests something they want; telling them why they should visit is one of the biggest mistakes communities do not do. Wayfinding is a process of using information to find one’s way in the built and rural landscape. Wayfinding design planning is the process of organizing information to help users understand a place; gateway, orientation, directional, identifying, interpretive, and regulatory information are key to this.

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We have been preparing wayfinding programs for countless communities across Ontario for almost two decades. We work collaboratively to engage communities towards developing beautiful, sustainable, and efficient places that will facilitate meaningful, memorable, and pleasant interactions for their residents, commercial enterprise, and visitors. This approach to “revealing a community” is always rooted in strategy and a deep engagement with user behaviour and context. This work bridges detailed analyses, systems planning, effective messaging, and appealing graphic design – we have become experts in understanding the logic of the structural arrangements of countryside and settlement areas, illustrating hierarchies and behaviour, and in the use of symbols, identity, and design in the deliberate promotion and understanding of place. We are leaders in process-based community wayfinding solutions and the methods of design and fabrication.


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